If you are an employee in Alabama who has been injured on the job and is seeking workers’ compensation, it’s important to understand the process and your rights as an injured worker. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Report the injury
  • Seek medical attention
  • Notify your employer
  • File a workers’ compensation claim
  • Follow medical advice
  • Benefits and compensation


Report the injury: Immediately report your injury to your employer. Alabama law requires injured workers to report the injury within five days, but it’s best to do so as soon as possible. Failure to report within the specified timeframe may result in a loss of benefits.

Seek medical attention: Obtain necessary medical treatment for your orthopedic injury from an authorized healthcare provider. In Alabama, workers’ compensation insurance typically covers reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to the work injury.

Notify your employer: Inform your employer of the healthcare provider you will be seeing for treatment. In Alabama, employers have the right to select the initial treating physician or medical facility.

File a workers’ compensation claim: Fill out the appropriate workers’ compensation claim forms provided by your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Be sure to provide accurate details about the injury, how it occurred, and any other relevant information.

Follow medical advice: Comply with your healthcare provider’s instructions and attend all scheduled appointments. Failure to adhere to recommended treatment or follow-up visits may impact your workers’ compensation benefits.

Benefits and compensation: If your workers’ compensation claim is accepted, you may be eligible for benefits such as medical expenses, temporary total disability benefits (if unable to work during recovery), temporary partial disability benefits (if working with restrictions), permanent partial disability benefits (if you have a permanent impairment), and vocational rehabilitation if necessary.


Remember, the specific processes and requirements for workers’ compensation claims can vary, so it’s crucial to contact the Alabama Department of Labor for detailed information and assistance regarding your particular situation.

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