Insurance Information

Alabama Bone and Joint accepts a wide variety of medical insurance, as well as workers’ compensation cases. We accept assignment and will bill your insurance carrier in most circumstances. We accept traditional Medicare, a variety of Medicare replacement plans, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, and many other commercial insurance carriers.

In addition to different insurers, there are many different plans within each insurance company. It is important that you check, prior to your visit, to see if we are in network with your specific insurance plan. Coverage, benefits, and cost-sharing also varies among plans, and it is also important to understand your out of pocket costs for our services. If you are unsure whether or not Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic is in your specific plan network, or what to expect for your out of pocket responsibility, please call our office and we will assist you. While we can assist with this as a courtesy to our patients, it is ultimately your responsibility to verify we are participating providers in your plan, and to understand your plan coverage for the services we provide.